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In this class we concentrate on classical hatha yoga focusing on immersion and the interaction between body, mind and breath. The degree of difficulty increases during the year, so you will be feeling stronger and more flexible. Each class ends with relaxation - yoga nidra.



Morning Yoga.

This class for you who want a comfortable, refreshing yoga session in the morning. Come and get energy for the day and at the same time you will become stronger, softer and more conscious of your breath. The content of the class will vary, and you can expect good, all-round sequences that will leave you with a greater sense of inner peace. Along the way, you may learn some hand balances.



This class takes place in English.

Vinyasa Yoga is called moving meditation because every position flows with breathing. You can expect this style of yoga repeats lots of Plank & Push up building strength and flexibility together. During this intensive one month course, you will learn basic asanas(positions) of Vinyasa yoga and master Sun salutation A, B. Each 8 classes we will focus on specific position with hands on (partner's help correcting position by their hands). It will help your body to remember the right positions.

The aim of this course is that you can practice vinyasa yoga by your own after the course.

1. Yoga breathing & body arrangement

2. Leg (hamstring) stretch with hands on

3. Down dog with hands on

4. Cobra with hands on

5. Warrior position with hands on

6. Banda & pelvic floor

7. Partner yoga

8. Massage after Yoga



Yoga is both a physical and a mental practice. On the physical level, yoga is a challenging form of training, where all the muscles of the body work to create strength, agility and balance, and the body is thus harmoniously trained. At the mental level, yoga is a great tool for creating inner peace and balance by emphasizing mindfulness and meditation.

The class will start with breathing exercises (pranayama), where we turn our attention inward. By turning your attention inward, focusing on yourself and what moves within you, it absorbs the concentration and helps you get a relaxed relationship with the surroundings.

The breathing exercises will simultaneously initiate the actual physical yoga exercises (asanas).

Each class will have a theme and an overall focus area in the body and we aim at building a strong and flexible body.



In this basic yoga class we on both strength, stretch and breathing. We build stability, flexibility and freedom in the body through standing and seated positions, sun greetings, breathing techniques, balance, backwards and relaxation exercises.

This class offers the absolute best way to give your mind a little break. Hopefully you will go from the class a little bit happier, lighter and more body-minded from the class every time.



Hatha Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, where we strengthen our body awareness through stretch and classical positions. By using consciousness at the same time, your whole body is physically affected and makes your body relax. Concentration increases and you get a sense of ease in your body and mind. Through calm exercises, yoga focuses on optimizing the muscles around the spine and you learn to use your body more appropriately.

Occasionally, we set the pace a little higher and do some Flow Yoga, where the positions are chained together as pearls on a string and the breaks are shorter. When we make Flow, the breath is synchronized with the movements of what we call Vinyasa, which increases stamina and creates calm in the mind. Hatha and Flow Yoga complement each other. Each yoga time ends with relaxation.







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