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Main Season 2019/20

Winter bathing - for everyone


Now you can also winter bathing with KU Studenteridræt!

Winter bathing takes place from our cannon boat shed, 6 Kanonbådsvej, Holmen, where we also have kayaking, climbing, parkour and stand up canoeing.

  • The place is a listed building from year 1837, and has a great atmosphere.

  • Next to the shed, we have a "dipping zone", which we keep free of ice if it should get really cold.

  • Inside the building there are changing rooms, baths, showers, sauna and a "hang-out area" with an electric kettle for tea/coffee.

  • Winter bathers are also welcome to try the brand new boulder/climbing wall, use the parkour tools or dumbbells (strength training).


    The sauna can for the winterherbathing team be switched-on on the meetingdays/times mentioned below, not other days/times. 

Introduction on the sport is cancelled instead you can more easily follow this guide: 

1) Please join our facebook-group for the wintherbathing team  KSI Vinterbadning

2) Write your name on one of the sauna-dates on the sauna-sherif-list (which you find in FILEs) - the sauna sherif will have to show up one hour before schedule to start the sauna so its hot when sauna schedule starts. You can find description with photos in how-to-do on the facebook (scroll down to 25 September), but you can also read it here:



The "sauna-sherif" of the day arrives 1 hour before the others (to heaten sauna up!) at Kanonbådsvej 6, to find entrance door in the middle of the wodden building (there is KSI stickers and a GREY door grip on the door): Unlock the lock (CONFIDENTIAL CODE comes with sms, if you didn't got it, please ask for it:

  • switch on light/electricity on black contact on the electric panel next to the gate in front of sauna

  • connect the black sauna cable in red plug at this panel

  • click switch ON on the sauna (backside)

  • turn the timer on the sauna oven (white scale) to eg 4 hours ...


  • Change clothes

  • open gate and lock towards the water with same code as fot the entrance door

  • Swim 

  • More Sauna  ?(maybe 1-2 dl water on stones?)

  • More swim ?.....



To finish, the "sauna sherif" of the day ...

  • make switch OFF on the sauna

  • take out the black sauna cable

  • switch off light/electricity and 

  • lock both doors/gates while leaving


We have made the bathing times a little concentrated so that the sauna should not be lit all day, and so there will be some social life on the team when you meet up for winter bathing together.


Meeting days/times:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 am-11 am.

  • Friday at 4 pm-6 pm.

  • Sundays 11 am-1 pm


  • September 2019 until April 2020


Registration deadline: Continuous registration. You can fine sign up if there is room, even if the team has started.

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