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Main season 2020/21

Winter bathing - for everyone

NOTE: You sign up under the condition that you will follow our corona-rules - please read about it here before signing up!

Due to corona you need to sign up for a fixed day, either Sunday, Thuesday or Friday, and cannot show up the others days. Only 2 people can sit in the sauna at the same time and they need to sit on the same bench with their heads turned the same way. You to book your sauna at facebook and can book only half an hour, but you can stay for ome more half hour if this is no booking after your booking-time.

The activities takes place from KSIs beautifull Kanonbådshus (cannon boat house), 6 Kanonbådsvej, where we also have KSI kayaking-, climbing-, parkour- and SUP-activities.

  • The house is a listed building from year 1837, has a great atmosphere and changing rooms, baths, showers, sauna and a "hang-out area".

  • Winter/summerbathing participants can use the boulder-wall (if you know bouldering safety), the parkour tools and the workout gear (dumbbells).

  •  The sauna must only be switched-on on the sauna days/times mentioned below: Not on other days/times. 


Mandatory Introduction

Participants in the winther/summer bathing team must show up for introduction before first bathing.

The sauna must only be connected to electricity when one from the team is a vounteer sauna-guard ("sauna-sherif").

  • Introduction (with Chr.E., KSI)  is on Thuesdays in September and October from 4.00-4.45pm (except at autumn holidays: 13 Oct.) at the Kanonbådshus, Kanonbådsvej 6. 



  • Every one in the winther / summer bathing team are asked to join our facebook-group for the team  KSI Vinterbadning

  • And all need - a couple of timess during the season - to show up one hour before sauna-time to be responsable for opening / closing doors, lights and the sauna.

  • The person who opens and closes is "sauna-sherif" for that day.

  • You sign up for being "sauna-sherif" for one of the sauna days on the facebook (there is an active list in Filer/Files).

  • On that list team members can see if there is a "sauna-sherif" and sauna-activity in the future sauna days.


Possible sauna days / times

  • Either Sundays: 09 am-1.30 pm (vb01)

  • Or Thuesdays: 3-7.30 pm vb02)

  • Or Fridays: 4-8.30 pm (vb03)

  • There will only be sauna on the above mentionned days/times when a team member has signed up as "sauna sherif" and comes to open and close doors and sauna.



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Thanks for your interest

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