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Main season 2020/21

Hiking trips with different themes

NOTE: You sign up under the condition that you will follow our corona-rules- please read about it here before signing up!



Join the adventure!

KSI offers short and not so short hikingtrips to "exotic" places like the Cliffs of Møn and the rocks at Söderåsen in nearby Sweden. The trips has different themes you can join: Map/kompas handling, choice of route, eatable plants, toxic plants, how to spot animals, bonfire-cooking, cultural storytelling, "pirat-stories" and more. Happy trails!



2 days hiking trip to Söderåsen, Sweden - Saturday 10-Sunday 11 - October - for all

Saturday morning at 7am we will take the train from Copenhagen Central Station and bus (only 1.5 hours from Copenhagen) to Röstånga, from where we hike to the mysterious Odensjön where we camp. The formation of Odensjön is unclear; is it an earthquake, a rejection, the ice age or the gods that has been at stake? Judge yourself!

Then we continue with maps and compass further through Söderåsen National Park, past beautiful cliff sides with impressive gorges and through the Kværkaskogen. We camp, build bivouacs either at Klåveröd Dam (bathing possibilities) or at the smaller and more hidden Svartesjö.

Sunday we continue on Skåneleden along rippling streams (drinking water rivers), through Sweden's largest deciduous forest, which is also an artificial natural forest where the trees are untouched at the best jungle scene! Are we lucky, we see water tears and hear forest songs. We arrive at the 100 meter deep Skäralid Kløft, and we have time to enjoy the famous view from Kopparhatten before we take the bus home.

Find more info in the Tabs above.

The trainer will inform about transport, food etc. after the deadline.


The participation fee includes: Instruction,  maps, compass, the guide, accommodation, communal camp gear, but not transportation and food.

The participation fee does not include:  Transport (approx. 300 DKK) and food, which we buy and make in common (approx. 100 DKK)

Registration deadline: XXX


Note: It is not possible to unsubscribe from trips/courses/workshops - not due to illness either



2 day hiking trip to the magic "seal-island", Hallands Väderö  - friday 30 april  - Saturday 1 may - for all

We travel by train from Copenhagen Central Station to Båstad in southern Sweden. In Båstad we catch the Kystleden hiking trail, which bends along the beautiful cliff coast opposite Torekov, which lies at the end of the Bjäre Peninsula (18 km in total). We pass by the beautiful rock formations at Hov's Hallar and stay overnight in the woods at the shelter in Torekov, close to the sandy beach.

Sunday morning we take a "fishing boat" to the magical rock island, located 4 km off the coast, and have all day to cultivate the wild horses of the island, deserted lighthouse, English cemetery, wilderness moss, virgin forest, beautiful rocky exaggeration with a view of the seals and small bays with beach beaches. We go back to Torekov at four o'clock, catch a bus to Båsatd and take the train to Copenhagen (is back there at around 8pm). 

 Find more info in the Tabs above.

The trainer will inform about transport, food etc after the deadline.


The participation fee includes: Instruction,  maps, compass, a guide, accommodation, communal camp gear.

The participation fee does not include:  Transport (around 300-400 DKK, prices variates), ferryticket (approx. 100 DKK), Food (approx. 100 DKK) which we buy and prepare in common and own snacks/beverages.

Registration deadline: Sunday 25 April 2021


Note: It is not possible to unsubscribe from trips/courses/workshops - not due to illness either. 


1 day hiking trip to Søndersø/Værløse Flyveplads - Sunday 25 October 2020 - for all

We meet at Værløse S-train station (at the platform) at 10 am and start going south to find the beautifull and very clean lake Søndersø which we follow going west. At the end of the lake we will pass an ancient landscape with burial sites from stone- and viking-age and with the ancient road from lejre (the first viking kingdoms) to helsingør. Then we head for the local top to find somethind more modern; Værløse airbase which is now abandonned and protected. The airbase is spread out over a huge flatland created by the glaciers containing a rich wildlife. We pass the flatland and the abandonned hangars and walk towards the hills at Måløv whivh gives as spendid views over the local forrestes. We take the train back home to Copenhagen from Måløc s-train station after approx. 10 km hiking!

Find practical info in the tabs above.

The participant fee includes: Instruction/tour management/guiding.

The participant fee does not include: Transport (around DKK 50) and food (bring your own packed lunch/drinks/snacks).

Registration deadline:  wedensday 21 October


Note: It is not possible to unsubscribe from trips/courses/workshops - not due to illness either. 






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