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Main Season 2020/21

Støtteforening 20/21 – Passive membership of KSI

(Only members without affilation with University of Copenhagen, who have maintained membership continuously since main season 2016/2017)

Are you an ordinary member of KSI (University of Copenhagen Student Sports) without being affiliated with University of Copenhagen as either student, employee or alumni?

In order to be able to register for the upcoming Main Season 2021/22 or Summer Season 2022 you need to maintain status as a regular active member during Main Season 2020/21 (September 2020-April 2021) or the Summer Season 2021 (May 2021 - August 2021).

This can be done either through signing up to one of our regular classes, trips or courses or by signing up to “Støtteforening 20/21”. This will give you status as a regular active member without you attending a specific class, trip or course.

The guiding principle going forward is that non-UCPH affiliated members need to be continuously active members during one of our two yearly seasons (Main and Summer seasons), in order to sign up for activities during one of the two seasons of the following yearly seasons. This means that non-UCPH affiliated members who has paid membership fees during either Main Season 2019/20 or Summer Season 2010 are able to sign up for KSI classes, trips and courses during Main Season 2020/21 and Summer Season 2021. If this is not the case, non-UCPH affiliated members will not be guaranteed an opportunity to sign up for activities within KSI going forward.

Støtteforening 20/21 is the solution for you as a non-UCPH affiliated member, who does not plan to sign up for activities during the Main Season 2020/21 or Summer Season 2021 and who wish to maintain the opportunity to sign up for activies within KSI during the two following seasons. Signing up for Støtteforening 20/21 secures that right.

Signing up for Støtteforening 20/21 will give you membership status within KSI, opportunity to participate in some workshops, opportunity to participate (but not vote) at the KSI General Assembly, attend open lectures arranged by KSI and to stay informed through the KSI Newsletter. 

Signing up for "Støtteforening 20/21" costs 350 kroner (170 kroner participation fee + 180 kroner membership fee).


Please note:

  • It is not possible to cancel a registration for “Støtteforening 20/21".

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