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To pass the SUP IPP2 you will train and "pass" the following during the trainings:


  • lying, kneeling and standing paddling

  • the different forward and backwards paddletechnics

  • steering strokes

  • to move quicly around on the board

  • sidewardsmoving

  • pivot turns (360 degrees turning)

  • support strokes

  • self rescue

  • partner rescue

  • partner paddling

  • "tour-leading"



SUP comes from the Pacific!

Stand Up Paddling is becoming more and more common. There are many places where there is easy access to open water - either flat water, in ports, on rivers or on the sea in waves. We have lots of conditions in Denmark, and therefore the sport is spreading rapidly. Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn and everyone can engage in the sport when only one can swim.

In standing position one can look far, and it gives a very special access to unique sea and nature experiences. At the same time, you can also study the sea beneath when the water is clear. In fact, Stand Up Paddling is used as something new in life-saving situations because it is a really effective way for lifeguards to keep an eye on bathers.

The sport is actually ancient and originates originally from Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean and has since spread to Hawaii, where it is called Hoe he'e nalu. In the 1960s, Stand Up Paddling became common for the first time - especially in California and Hawaii.

Many surf instructors paddled out on large boards with paddles to better keep track of their students, and that is how the the name Beach Boy Surfing arose - another name for Stand Up Paddling.

Over time, Beach Boy Surfing went a bit in oblivion, but in 2006 the sport got its current breakthrough when the professional surfer legend Laird Hamilton paddled across the English Channel. Since then, the sport has spread like lightning all over the world and has now also become common on Danish beaches.

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