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Main Season 2019/20

Stand Up Paddling - SUP

Become a master of the board!

You can easily get started on the paddleboard with the others on the team: Just get up on the board, get the balance and go for it!

But from here it only gets harder, but also more fun. The coaches will also like to challenge you a little and teach you all the fun of the board. Both with a lot of games, but also with technical exercises so you become a master on the board. The training will give you strong arms, abdominal and back muscles, but also strong legs, as you get up and "put off" with your legs at each time you paddle.

During September and October you can, with stable participation, obtain the SUP IPP2 certificate which allows you to come and freetrain when ever you like from end October untill 1 May 2020.  You have to be at least 2 together in order to freetrain.

We do the SUP training from the KSI Canon Boat House, Kanonbådsvej 6, Holmen.  The house from 1837 is full of a historic atmosphere and is equipped with toilet, locker rooms, showers and a SAUNA which can be used by the SUP teams after training. It is only the trainer who can switch on/off the sauna. or freetraining.

Free training

  • Please read about rules in the Tab above!

  • Free training partners can be found on KSI-SUP-Facebook

  • NEW: The guest paddling-team is an offer for you who HAVE passed the IPP2 level at KSI, who is not signed up for a normal KSI SUP-team but who like to come and train now and then without a trainer. The CONDITION for signing up is that youHAVE passed the IPP2 level at KSI or have passed the IPP 2 level elsewhere BUT have been signed up for a KSI kayakteam (inermediate, experienced, advanced) for mimimum oe season) within a perio ogf 5 years. Another conditon to be on the Guest-training team is to follow strictly the Rules for Freetraining (see Tab abvove about Freetraining) . Note that you can not change from the Freetraining team to another KSI team, neither get money back which you can do om other teams according to rules (see, Sign-up).


Also join a SUP-tour !

Why not go for on an exciting KSI SUP-tour around Orø? Signing up:, Sports, SUP-tur.


Training period in Main Season 2019/20 (Please note: Sup02 starts 18th September)

  • With trainer: September-October

  • Freetraining period: November - April

  • Holidays anf no training with trainer: 12-20 October (autumn holidays)

Note: When signing up for a SUP-class in KSI, you must declare that you are able to swim at least 600 meters in a pool without stopping.


The KSI SUP boards have been bought with a 50 % donation from "Friluftsrådet" (Outdoor Council).. 

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