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Main Season 2019


Get great training in the hills, lots of nature- and flow experiences with the others on the team!


Our set-up is simple:

  • We train on Wednesdays where we meet 5.30pm at the trainingsspot (wood).

  • Those who borrow a mtb meet at 4.30pm at KSI, and we either bike or take a train to the meeting place.

  • You can borrow a KSI-mtb if you do not have a mtb yourself, but remember to sign up for a "mtb-bike"!

  • We finish the training in the wood at 7pm with some common snacks, a good chat, before biking home together (or taking the train back).

  • Thoos with mtb-bikes has to clean bikes at Nørre Allé 53 before saying goodbye


On the team we will train at two different levels

  •  Beginners level

    Here there is a focus on getting to know to must fundamental mtb-techniques as: shifting gars, going up and downhill, braking technique, balance on the bike, swing techniques. You will participate in the normal training with the others but under guidance from the trainer, so you don't start to hard! During the forst trainings tou will get through the "fundamentals" and get stronger legs to become an intermediate rider!


  • Intermediate and experienced level

    Here the speed is higher and we focus on more advanced mbt-techniques as: Body postition in curves, bunny-jumps, pumping, jumps, keeping momentum, flow and more.

Typically, both groups warm up together at a slower pace. Hereafter, we find routes that match today's technical themes and where you can drive at the pace you want.


Focus on the social: The trainer typically initiates a fruit/snack/drink arrangement together with the participants so that you can socialize around a snack. after the training and get a talk before saying: "Thanks for today".


Free training: Participants who have registered for a loan of a KSI-mtb, has the opportunity to free train besides the Wednesday training, eg. in the weekend except in winther period November-February or during summerholiday, July.

Facebook: You can join KSI's MTB-Facebook eg. to arrange extra free training with participants from your class or other classes. 

Meeting places: Click on the tab "Mødested" above.


Training period in Main Season 2019/20

  • September-October

  • March-April

  • Holidays/no training with trainer: 12 October-20 October (autumn holidays) and 4 April-13 April (Easter).


Mountainbike Loan

If you don't have your own mtb you can book a KSI mtb and use that for the trainings: wedensdays 16.30-19.00 (around 20pm) - you clique on the tap "Hold" (class) above this infotext to sign up for borrowing a mtb!

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