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Main season 2020/21

Running and strength

  • NOTE: You sign up under the condition that you will follow our corona-rules - please read about it here before signing up!


Become part of KSI's Running and Strength classes and get:

  • an inspiring workout with others at the same starting point and level as you.

  • stronger physique through a varied workout with warm-up, maintenance runs, "fartlegs", intervals, stretching.

  • a unity feeling with partner excercises, social running-specific strength training exercises and finishing with a snack and talking.

In the classes we train together, but at two different leves:

  • Start-up and Beginners Training

    Here focus is on running at a slow pace (not too fast), listening to the body and enjoying the pace. Here you do not have to be afraid to be last  or not being able to keep up. You will participate with the others, but under guidance from the trainer, so you do not start too hard or get injuries.

  • Maintenance- and Progression Training 

    Here we run a little faster, but we can still talk, and the speed and the intervals are a bit cconservative. There is still time spent on social strength exercises where we continue to strengthen relevant muscles and tendons. It is nice and cosy, and you stay fit!

Choose between 2 different classes: the Mondayclass are as usual havnig god focus on intervals (1 hour running/intervalls and 15 min. workout) while the Wedensday class have a bit more fokcus on the workout-part (35-40 min. running and 35-40 min workout) and it is based in the KSI Kanonbådshus equipped with kettlebells and other weightraining gear - the Wedensdayclass has the poosibility to do trailrunning at the nearby Coprehagen Hill!

Focus on the social: The coaches typically initiate some fruit/snacks/drinks together with the participants so you can restituate after the training and talk a little before saying "Thank you for today." The coaches organize that the team as last thing of the season participate in a street race (Christianhavner-Milen 2020) if possible in relation to corona.

The aim of the class is that you get someone to run with and a lot of fun training that you do not get if you just run by yourself. This Facebook is used for race agreements etc.

Injuries: If, in spite of the above gentle workout, you do experience some problems with your legs somewhere, you can read here about "Help in case of injury".

Running wear/shoes with discount: Read here

Meeting places:  You can choose between to different classes: One on Mondays from KSI, on Nørre Allé 53 and another on Wedensdays from KSI Kanonbådshus, Kanonbådsvej 6 - both teams happens from 4.45-6 pm - both places has changingrooms and safetylockers - but it is best if you show up in sportswear (due to corona).


Training period Mainseason 2020/21:

  • Mondays or Wedensdays 4.45-6 pm, September - April 


  • Holidays and no training with trainer: 12-18 October (autumn holidays), 21 December-4 January 2020 (Christmas holidays), 15-21 Feburary winther holidays/week 7),  27 March-5 April 2021 (Easter) and 30 April (St. Bededag)


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