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Main Season 2019/20

Climbing in KSI Climbing department

Makes you a good climber in an attractive climbing environment!

  • We train indoor at the only hydraulic (moveeable) climbing wall in the KF.9 Hall, at our new boulder wall at Kanonbådsvej 6 (where trainer might switch the sauna on/off!) and at the big climbing tower behind number 53, Nørre Allé.

  • We do both bouldering and rope climbing and arrange climbing trips in Sweden and Norway (ice climbing).

  • We have certified trainers who are offering different levels and who issues beginner/belaying certificate (k2) on beginner teams and trains K3 elements on the more advanced teams.

  • We offer possibility for freetraining Friday, Satyrday and Sunday - freetraing with rope on the climbing tower requires a belying certificate, it is mandatory to have obtained the the K2 certificate

  • NEW: All who have signed up for Climbing in Sommer 2019 or Main Season 2019/20 are invited to KSI Rope Open (end of September)

Find freetraining partners on the KSI Climbing facebook



In the Main Season,  September-April, we offer bouldering and combi-teams. In the Summer season we offer bouldering-and ropeclimbing-teams.



Will do outdoor training in September and parts of October (safety and rope procedures). Hereafter the training will be indoor (technique training/bouldering) untill March or April (depending on weather) where the teams will train outdoor again (combination of safety and technhique!).



Bouldering Is climbing without ropes, takes place mainly in KF9-Hallen on the indoor climbing wall, which is Denmark's only hydraulic, three-piece climbing wall which is extremely flexible. Bouldering is climbing at low altitude without rope and mattresses. We train technique, agility, strength and ability to read structures for potential boulder problems and safety for unloading, spotting etc.

There are routes designed for the first-time climber as well as for the serious climber looking for a workout.


Access to premises at 57 Nørre Allé: Your coach will inform you at the first training session.


Rope climbing

The rope climbing in KSI takes place on the outdoor climbing wall next to the tennis courts behind 53 Nørre AlléOn the climbing tower there are grips/routes. Also here there are routes designed for the first-time climber as well as for the serious climber looking for a workout.

Top rope climbing is easy to start with as there is a rope in you all the way up, which can be remarkable when you find the wall challenging, etc. The rope allows you to concentrate on the most important, ie. the movements themselves.

After have climbed top rope for some time, most people will want to try to lead themselves. Here you start from the ground and pick up the rope along the way. It's very similar to what you want to do on a rock where you can not always put a rope on top of the rock.

Later in the season and in the more experinced classes, elements from K3 can be practiced. 


Training period 

  • September-April

  • Holidays/no training with trainer: 12 October-20 October (autumn holidays), 21 December-1 January 2020 (Christmas holidays) and 4 April-13 April (Easter).


Guest Climbing 

You can also sign up for a Guest Climbing, which does not have class training with a coach. So, if you already have security proof (S1 or K1 / K2 proof), climb on your own on KSI's outdoor climbing tower (not the indoor wall) at times when there is no KSI team on the tower - find all hours on under Sports overview, climbing, HOLD.

BEFORE your first guest training, you must come to KSI office and get your guest card card, which you must wear visibly during guest training. You must also bring your receipt for your online payment as well as your valid security certificate. You can also choose to pay for your guest training at the KSI office, Nørre Allé 53, open Monday-friday noon-4pm

Note: It is not possible to unsubscribe from the guest climbing team, either as a result of illness. Guest training is always at your own risk.     


1) Guest climbing enrollment for you WITH a KU relationship (students, employees, alumni)

Sign up online for the guest climbing team: kla13

Meet the KSI office bringing your valid security certificate and get your Guest Climbing Card delivered, which you must wear visibly in the climbing belt during the actual climbing. The card is valid for summer or main season.


2) Guest climbing registration for you WITHOUT a KU-relationship

Meet at the KSI Office bringing your valid security certificate, pay for and get your Guest Climbing Card, which you must wear visibly in the climbing belt during the guest climbing.

The guest climbing costs DKK 500, is valid from the date of purchase and 365 days ahead.

Note: All climbing on KSI's outdoor climbing tower is prohibited - except for registrants for KSI climbing or KSI Guest Climbing. Guest climbing is at your own risk!

Note also: You can not undsubscribe or move to/from kla13 (guestclimbing), kla03,  kla04, kla05, kla06, kla97


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