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Main Season 2019/20

Kayak Roll in KSI Kayak Department

Beginner class

Step by step we do exercises on land, in the water, with and without kayaks. This prepares us for rolling the kayak easily and safely with the technique of the Greenlandic standard roll. We work in pairs with waterfathering, flight position, injury prevention, breathing, body position and movement during the different phases of the roll. We will also play.


Intermediate class

You are allready able to peform a standard greenland roll and would like to progres towards the handroll and/or the storm roll. We will work with prevention of injuries, perhaps a warm up game, the body position and movement in the water during the different phases of the standard greenland roll (ex balance brace/floating), and individual progression.



When registered in any of these classes, you automatically become a member of  KSI Kajakafdeling

This means eg. that you can practice at free slots in the swimming pool, which you will find here.

You can also free train from the department's kayak shed, Kanonbådsvej 6, Holmen, on the same footing as other kayaking classes, but only if you have a valid IPP2-certificate. Read about free kayaking here. 

Find eg. your rowing partner on the Kayak Department's Facebook

Note: By signing in to any KSI's kayak class, you state that you can swim 600 meters without anye stops in a swimming pool.


Training in the Main season 2019/20

  • beginner class: Thursday 7-9pm, 2 January to 20 February 2020.

  • intermediate class: Thursday 7-9pm, 27 February to 19 March 2020.

Note that you can not undsubscribe or move to/from a kayakroll class!


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