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Main season 2020/21

Sea kayaking in KSI Kayak Department

NOTE: You sign up under the condition that you will follow our corona-rules - please read about it here before signing up!


Kayaking in KSI Kajakafdeling makes you strong and gives you rich natural and social experiences:

  • We train from an exciting gunboat shed from 1837 at Kanonbådsvej 6, Holmen with both changing rooms, showers, toilets and a sauna (showers and sauna are unfortunately actually closed due to corona!)

  • When signed up for a kayakclass you can also use the boulder (if trained for climbing) and the SUP-boards (if you have IPP2-SUP certificate), but ONLY when there is no classes (check classes yourself on!

  • Tilmeldte på kajakhold må også gerne benytte bouldervæggen (hvis de har klatret før) samt benytte SUP-boardsene (hvis de har SUP-IPP2), men KUN når der ikke er klatre-eller SUP-undervisning (tjek selv deres tider på! 

  • We paddle in all the exciting channels in the harbor, next to Trekroner fort and out on the Sound or south down to Kalveboderne.

  • We do sea-, whitewater-, polo- and surfkayaking.



The kayak trainers are all certified and can issue different kayak certificates:  

  • IPaddle Pass2 (for beginners)  and 3 (for experienced) and Instructor1-certificates (for thoose with IPP2) from the Danish Canoe and Kayaking Federation (DKF).

  • We also train IPP4 issues (skilled level) , touring (for all) or kayakrolling.

  • Levels are adapted by the KSI kayak comity (FU). Please find members, meeting protocols etc. in the Kayak Department

Freetraining - common "extra paddling" - guest paddling class - trips 

  • Freetraining is for thoose who have obtained the IPP2-certificate and are signed up for a KSI kayak class or a 4 day course (summer)

  • KSI Kayak Facebook is where you find freetraining partners and so on.

  • "The extra paddling" (commen informal free training) are for anyone who are signed up for a KSI kayak class (also beginners) or for a trip (you can come and freetrain BEFORE the trip). It is organized on the Kayak Facebook.

  • The guest paddling class is an offer for those who have taken the IPP2 certificate in KSI, but who are not signed up for a current kayak class, but would like to have the opportunity to come and paddle a little once in a while without a coach. The conditions are the same as for Exercise (read in the tab above).

  • Also remember to sign up for the exciting kayak trips and experience something quite different from the Harbour. Anyone can participate on the trips as the coach makes sure it is also safe for those who have not yet passed the beginners class/IPP2 and not yet released to paddling.

Kayak storage

  • If you like to store your own kayak in the Kayak shed (2,500 DKK/year), please contact:

Training periods in Main Season 2020/21

  • September-October: Outdoor training at KSI Kanonbådshus

  • November-February: Indoor training in svimming pool, e.g. kayak roll (53 Nørre Allé) - if possible according to corona-issues, otherwise there will be alternative in that period

  • Marts-April: Outdoor training at KSI Kanonbådshus

  • Holidays and no training with trainer: 12-18 October (autumn holidays), 21 December-4 January 2020 (Christmas holidays),  27 March-5 April 2021 (Easter) and 30 April (St. Bededag)

Note: When signing up for a kayaking class in KSI or a kayaking course/trip, you declare that you are able to swim at least 600 meters in a swimming pool without any breaks. 



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