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Main season 2021/22

Adventure race 

NOTE: You sign up under the condition that you will follow our corona-rules - please read about it here before signing up!


 Adventure race gives you variated training with lots of adventure ! 

Adventure race combines a number of cool, outdoor diciplines 

  • orienteering

  • trail running

  • mountain bike

  • kayaking

  • climbing 

  • a surprise dicipline (e.g. roller-skiing)



  • In the KSI Adventure Race class you really get a chance to experience the outdoor disciplines, and you can borrow KSI loan equipment for the most part, if you do not have your own mountaibike, rollerskis, climbing equipment, compass or a kayak.

  • An adventure race can have different lengths, typically from a few hours up to several days. The particpants need to be good at collaborating, fx decide together when or if they are taking breaks as the breaks count in the total time. 

  • In the adventure race-class we practice, in additon to the tecnical kayak-, climbing-, mountaibike-, rollerski- and orienteering-skills, also teamwork, and the coach arranges small "adventure races" as part of the training. In this way, you become familiar with participating in real adventure races, which are held for both beginners and more experienced racers now and then.

  • Participation in the races can be organized between those who want to participante, and you can apply for funding for eg. the initial fee via "Arrangementspuljen" (at the bottom of 

  • Find KSI Adventure Race's Facebook here

Venue and training themes can be seen int the Tab above Venue and/or will be send by mail to participants by the trainer.


Training periods in the main season 2021/22: 

  • Mondays 5-7 pm, in two periods

  • Autum period: first training 6/9 and last training 25/10 2021

  • Spring period: first training 7/3 and final training 25/4 2022

  • Except 18/10, 11/4 and 18/4 where there is no training due to holidays.

Note: There may be a few training sessions on other weekdays than the planned in order to get access to equipment such as eg. mountain bikes and kayaks. 





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