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Spokesperson in KSI

Participants in the exercise department make up KSI’s Exercise Department (UMI). In the main season, each exercise class must choose a spokesperson. The spokespersons are part of KSI’s democratic structure and is the contact person between the members and management. KSI is built and managed on this system of democracy.

The spokesperson should be responsible for the contact between:

• the participants and the trainer/s

• the participants and the KSI Office

• the participants and the venue

• the participants and UMI’s three representatives of KSI’s Board.


Here are some examples of possible tasks for the spokespersons: 

• Suggestions or ideas from members of the KSI management and office goes through the spokesperson, who can also make sure that the proposals are put forward to UMIs Board. Many improvements have been implemented based on ideas from classes with spokespersons.

• For training at venues where special access is the case, the spokesperson could open for the other participants.

• The spokespersons can together with other spokespersons during the season work for common  arrangements, improvements, criticism etc.

• Complaints regarding equipment or information from the members of your class to the KSI-office could go through the spokesperson.

• If there are any discrepancies or problems in the class or between the class and the coach, one must as far as possible try to find a solution for the class. Here the spokesperson plays an important role.

• If the class will would like to have a meeting, the spokesperson reserves a meeting room through the KSI-office.

• The spokesperson can be the link between the class and the office in regards to the yearly class dinner (free)


If the class is very active, there may be many tasks, but the spokesperson obviously has the right to involve as many class mates as he/she wants.



At the beginning of main season, the trainer must help the participants appoint the class’ spokesperson.

In a few cases nobody is willing to take on the task. It is unfortunate for many reasons. Maybe some information will not be processed, some problems will remain untreated and some positive development for KSI will not happen.

Once you have chosen a spokesperson, you must inform KSI of the spokeperson’s name and class code.


Meetings of the spokespersons

The spokespersons are all invited to two meetings during the main season, usually one in October and on in February. Here the line for KSI development and improvement is laid down. During these meetings all the more general cases are discussed. An agenda is made according to needs and proposals from the members, including candidates for KSI’s Board.

Moreover, the spokespersons can have additional meetings if needed. It can be useful to meet with spokespersons within the same sport. KSI provides a meeting room.


UMI - KSI Exercise Department

UMI has a board consisting of three members elected by the General Meeting and the head of KSI.

The appointed board members are also members of the KSI Executive Committee (HB). UMI’s board must host the main season's two meetings and prepare the agenda.

You must as a member primarily contact your spokesperson if you have a problem. If this is not possible, we suggest that you contact one of UMI’s board members who want to be in good dialogue with both spokespersons and KSI’s other members. The board members try to get all relevant information from UMI and HB out in a due time so that they can get all relevant feedback before the agenda is all set. You can see the rules of UMI and HB if you look it up under UMI’s articles of association and KSIs articles of association.

UMI’s representatives of HB is all YOUR representatives. Please contact them if you need it. You will find the names and email addresses of UMI’s board members here.

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