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Step - by - step

Welcome to our KSI homepage. As you may know KSI is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing primarily students in Copenhagen and surrounding areas with the possibility to attend sports at a reasonable price. In order for you as a non-danish linguist to manoeuvre this webpage we have made you this step-by-step guide. You also have the following possibilities - use Chrome as your browser at get it to translate our page - or press the English flag in the upper right corner - here you will get a condensed webpage with relevant information for you.

Welcome to KSI

1 new window

It might be advantageous to open our main page (1) in a new window. Hold the cursor over the word 'forside' and right-click your mouse. Choose open link in new window. This way you can easily switch between this guide and our webpage.

Here you can find your way to the topic you have trouble with just click the appropriate topic.





Credit card input

Changing classes

Cancelling classes

One term danish student

Sending messages




From our frontpage you have a lot of options. At the buttom of the page (please scroll down) there are quicklinks to a lot of the underlying pages that describe procedural things about USG. You can choose to translate these through google translate. For this guide here are three main topics for finding your way around the page and get signed up for sports.

0 frontpage

  1. Press here to open login dialogue
  2. press here to find lists of classes
  3. press here to read about USG and the administration for information on opening hours and the USG Shop


Creating your own profile

In order to get as many and as accurate information as possible it is a good idea to create an online profile. Heres how:

0 Frontpage Logon
  1. Press the logon button at the top of the page (see previous image). This dialogue appears and then you either sign in with your existing profile information (username:your email, and kodeord/password) or you create your own profile. Follow steps in the following imagedisplay. You can logon from any page - you will remain on the page you logon from.


Information on the sign-up form (new user)

You might need to zoom in to see what has been written (press ctrl and press + (repeatedly)). The information slots have been filled in with an explanation as to what goes where. There is a lengthy explanation for the CPR number (danish social security number).

0 Profile page
  1. Information only applicable for students. Tick first box if you are a student. Tick second if you are a phd student and tick third if you are an international student. Scoll to find the faculty you are a student at. Write topic. Fill in if you have a KU (Copenhagen University) card.
  2. Fill in password for your USG profile twice (at least five characters)
  3. always hit GEM/save for every change you make and at the end of creating your profile.
  4. Hold - contains information about the classes you are signed up for, along with some online possibilities. See appropriate section (click here)


 When you have succesfully created your profile your name will appear at the top of the page. Profil: your name. And you are automatically logged on and can see all relevant information about the classes. You can put the classes that have available places in your basket and sign up for them. In the beginning of our main season (sept.-nov.) you can sign up for a waiting list for the classes that are presently full while being logged on as well.

Finding your classes - browsing for classes 3 choices

If you like to find the classes that are being taught you can find them by searching manually through lists and filters or type a searchword. Being unable to understand or write in danish limits those options. Here are three ways of browsing our catalogue of classes.

1 conditions

This page contains the conditions for sign-up. An English version is available by pressing the english button (not on this screenshot)

  1. browsing by category. e.g. dancing, water activities etc. Press here to view screenshot.
  2. alphabetic list of all actvities. press here to view screenshot.
  3. all classes listed on end with the possibility to apply a filter. Press here to view screenshots and filtersetting.


 Browsing by category

Use this option if you know which kind of activities you are interested in but not necessarily which specific sport. E.g. you might want to dance but do not know if it should be hiphop or funk. Browse the dance category.

2 browsing by activity
  1. the purple headlines are the activity group name.
  2. name of the specific sport. Press here to see screenshots for a specific sport.


 Sportsspecific description page

On these pages you will find a danish and an english description of what kind of class you are currently browsing. In this instance American Football - see below.

3 Class desription
  1. a text describing the activity you are browsing. English text below the Danish.
  2. Here are the classes that are being offered in the upcoming/current season. It is from this tab you sign up for a class. To see screenshots press here.
  3. who is the coach - this will be listed here.

there might be other tabs depending which activity you are browsing. These three will always be present. Another important tab might be niveau/level. If the activity has classes on different skill levels this tab will be present and a description for the skills needed to participate - also in English.


Class overview

Tap the second tab on the sports specifik page and see which classes are being offered. From this page you will be able to put classes in your basket for later.

4 Holdoversigt

  1. above it says 'priser' here you can see what the participation fee is and other costs for participation. Below it says 'hold' which means class - this is the classcode, which you will only need to put to use when changing classes, cancelling participation or other.
  2. 'Aktivitet' is the activity - here american football
  3. 'Niveau' which level of proficiency do you need to participate there will be a description either in the tab labelled 'Info' or if present the tab ' niveauer'
  4. 'Dag' which day/days are practice for the class
  5. 'Start' is when the training starts 24hr
  6. 'Slut' when practice finishes
  7. 'Sted' where is the training taking place. Click on the place and you will get linked to google maps.
  8. 'Træner' who's coach
  9. 'Pris' is the price for students to participate (usually for 8 months)
  10. 'Ej stud. afg.' as a non-student you will pay this additional price on top of 'Pris' (see 9)
  11. 'Frie pladser' number of available places in the class
  12. 'Læg i kurv' - put in your shopping basket. The symbol changes to a tick symbol. See your shopping bakset by clicking on the shopping basket at the top of the page.



Browsing by sport

If you tap the 'alfabetisk' tab. You will get an alphabetical list of our entire sports supply. Tap the desired sport to see a description of the sport, and tap the 'hold' (classes) tab to see the classes you can sign up for.


Browsing the entire list of classes

See a complete list of classes being offered by tapping the 'Alle Hold' (all classes). You can sort the classes by tapping the headlines or press 'søge kriterier' (search criterias). 


Filling in the search criteria

You can make your search broad or narrow depending on how specific your wishes are. See below what your choices are.

6 Søgekriterier Alle Hold
  1. activity - tick the sports you wish to see classes for.
  2. level - if you are looking for a specific level of proficiency.
  3. day of the week - tick the days you wish/are able to have training.
  4. the slider represents all 24 hours of the day. The left slider indicates start of training the right indicates the end of training. I.e. you can define the interval where you are able to train e.g. between 18.00 (6p.m.) and 21.00 (9p.m.) All classes that start after 6pm and end before 9pm will be shown.
  5. place of training - if you have a specific wish to train a certain place or geographical area.
  6. if you have a personal favorite trainer/coach - find the classes that are taught by him/her
  7. put in a maximum cost of the class
  8. hit 'søg' (find) after either one, some or all search criterias are filled in.


Putting a class in your basket

When you wish to sign up for a class you need to push the shopping cart symbol next to the desired class. This then changes to a tick symbol √. This means it is in your shopping cart. Now you can keep on browsing for more classes or go to the check out (please note: items will remain in your cart for 10 minutes). Simply click the shopping cart symbol at the very top of the page and go to the check out page. See below.

7 Indkøbskurven
  1. your membershipnumber
  2. class code
  3. level
  4. day of training
  5. beginning of class
  6. end of training
  7. place of training
  8. price for class
  9. non student extra fee
  10. total pr. class
  11. press X if you wish to cancel
  12. seasonal fee (180 kroner)
  13. total to pay
  14. tick box to accept conditions (See 15)
  15. conditions for participation
  16. press here to input credit card information


Credit card input

8 Betalingsbillede
  1. insert 16 digit credit card number
  2. accepted cards
  3. expiration date mm/yy
  4. control numbers - usually on the back of the card - 3 digits
  5. total amount in DKK to be withdrawn from your card
  6. turns solid when information checks out - press here to finish payment transaction
  7. press here to cancel - classes will remain in your shopping cart for another ten minutes or until you log out or cancel the class/es yourself.

When you have accepted payment you will receive a receipt stating when training starts (date) and when it ends (date).


You can change classes, get written up for a spot on the waiting list (if one exists), write messages to your trainingpartners and coach, cancel classes (before beginning of third training week) and much more online. See below for selected topics.

Changing classes

You need to log on to use this feature. On principle you can change classes all season long (exceptions exist) online as long as there is an available spot on the class you are changing to. First find the class you wish to change to by browsing the available classes and remember the class code. Then you simply go to your profile (click on your name at the very top of the page). You will now see the profile information you provided when creating your profile. Next to the tab 'GENERELT' there is a tab labelled 'HOLD'. Here you find a list of the classes you have signed up for. On the far right there is an underlined word 'Flyt' this means change (or literally move). A dialog box appears here you write in the classcode that you memorized or wrote down. Press 'FLYT' to accept to change classes or 'FORTRYD' to cancel. After this a dialog appears. Either you get a refund or you need to pay extra depending on the price of the class you move to. There is always an administration fee of 50 DKK for these kinds of transactions, that is automatically subtracted from the total amount. If you still are eligible for a refund you need to write a danish bank registration and accountnumber in the dialog box which appears. If you have to pay extra you pay as you would when you first signed up. If in doubt press here.


Cancelling classes

You need to log on to use this feature. Simply go to your profile (click on your name at the very top of the page). You will now see the profile information you provided when creating your profile. Next to the tab 'GENERELT' there is a tab labelled 'HOLD'. Here you find a list of the classes you have signed up for. On the far right there is an underlined word 'Afmeld' this means sign off/cancel. A dialog appears where you need to confirm your cancellation. After cancellation is confirmed another dialog appears where you input a danish bank registration and account number, funds will be transferred to you. If you do not have a danish account you can get a refund in cash from our office (for office information press here). Please note cancellation must occur before the beginning of the third training week either after classes start or the date you signed up for the class - whichever comes first. After the beginning of the third training week you can no longer get a refund but can change classes if you do not wish to stay in the class you signed up for. Please note that you cannot under any circumstances cancel a trip/course. If you are a semester student and are leaving Denmark to go study abroad please see below.

If you are only here for one term

Students that are in Denmark for one term only can get a refund for the remainder of the season if you provide us with a
letter of admission which states that you will only be here for one term and with a date of departure. This you will need
to present at our office and you will then receive a refund on the remaining participation fee (less 50 DKK in
administration fee).

Sending messages to fellow participants and your coach

You need to log on to use this feature. Simply go to your profile (click on your name at the very top of the page). You will now see the profile information you provided when creating your profile. Next to the tab 'GENERELT' there is a tab labelled 'HOLD'. Here you find a list of the classes you have signed up for. On the far right there is an underlined word 'se liste' this means see list. This is a list of the participants in your class. In the visible list name and e-mail are provided. If you need the list to include your coach press please tick 'Inkludér træner(e) i adresselisten, deltagerlisten samt i beskedudsendelse' this includes the coach in the overview of the class. If you wish to write a message to your class press 'SKRIV BESKED' (write message) - do this and press 'send besked' (send). Alternatively you can press 'se adresseliste' mailadresses will appear in a list that can be copied to your mailclient e.g. Outlook.











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