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Change in status

You can change classes

In principal you always have the opportunity to change classes within UCPH Studentsport, if there is an available spot in the class you wish to change to. If there is a price difference between classes it will be regulated according to the remaining training period. To change classes simply go to your profile at and find the class you wish to attend. Write down the class code. Go to your profile and find the classes that you are signed up for. Press "flyt/change" next to the class you wish to change from and when prompted fill in the class code for the class you wish to attend and follow the instructions on screen. Alternatively visit our office during opening hours (see here) An administration fee of 50 kroner applies.

Please note: It is not possible to change from a trip, course or workshop or from a full season class to a semester class. Also there are classes, trips, courses and workshops you cannot change to.  

Cancellation during the main season

We do not offer trial lessons. In the main season, however, you can unsubscribe and get a refund for the entry fee if the two below mentioned conditions are met: 

1. The registration for the class did not happen in connection with you unsubscribing from another class

2. In order to unsubscribe you must do so before the third week of training after your registration

If you want to unsubscribe from a class on the day of the training in the third week of training after you have signed up, you can still unsubscribe; BUT you can only do so if you show up in person at the KSI-office BEFORE the training starts.

If you unsubscribe from a class an administration fee of 50 DKK will be deduced. If you only signed up for one class, you will also get your membership fee back.

If you are only registered in one class, you also get your membership fee back. You can unsubscribe either through your profile on or in person at KSI-office. However, there is always an administration fee of 50 DKK.

It is not possible to unsubscribe from trips/courses/workshops - not due to illness either.

Please Note: If you do not have a danish bank account you need to unsubscibe in person at the KSI-office, Nørre Allé 53.


If you are only here for one term

Students who are in Denmark for one term only can get a refund for the remainder of the season. After your very last training send us a copy of your letter of admission stating that you will only be here for one term.

Hereafter, you can get a refund on the remaining participation fee (except 50 DKK in administration fee). We will then transfer the amount to a danish bank account.


Signing off during the summer season is not possible

We do not offer trial classes. During the summer season you will not be able to cancel your participation. This also applies to exchange students.

However your coach has the right to sign you off a class if you do not meet the demands for the skill level described for the class. You can change to another class in the sport at another level that is better suited for you, provided you are able to attend. No administration fee is charged for this change. If you are unable to meet the demands for the next level up or down in your sport you will be signed off without administration fee. You can only change classes due to level once during a season without paying the administraion fee.

If you would rather change to another sport due to the coach signing you off, this is also possible. No admoinstration fee will be charged here either.

Please note: The above conditions only apply for classes, not for trips, shorter courses (less than two moths in duration), or workshops. When signing up for trips make sure to sign a travel inssurance policy.


Cancellation of membership due to injury

If you are injured in a way that constitutes that you are unable to do the sport that you are signed up for, you are eligible for a partial refund on your participation fee, provided you are able to produce the relevant documentation from a physician (doctor, hospital or the like). The fee for documentation is paid for by you. You will get a partial refund corresponding to the remainder of the season, from the time USG receives the documentation (not the date on the documents). An administration fee of 50 kr. is deducted.


Waiting lists

Waiting lists are established for full classes in the beginning of the main season. You can sign up for the waiting lists for as many classes as you like - signing up is not binding. You will be offered a spot in the class according to your place on the waiting list and the availability. If you are offered a spot this must be accepted within 72 hours of receiving the offer. The waiting lists are cancelled 1 November. Is a new class opened in the sport you are on the waiting list for you will be contacted. In new classes spots are filled according to first come first serve. You can see your waiting list status via your online KSI profile.

Please note: No waiting lists are opened for summerseason classes.

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