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Stuff worth knowing before you sign up

KU Studenteridræt is a non-profit 'forening' (organization)

When you sign up for a class/trip/course at KU Studenteridræt you pay a members fee, and become a member of the KU Studenteridræt organization. This means you are automatically a part of the democratic process that governs the decisions, development and practices that are KU Studenteridræt. You can exert your influence through your membership privileges in a higher or lesser degree, by partaking in the spokes person organization, the general assembly or one of the boards that govern your sport. It is up to you to decide how big a say you wish to have during your membership of KU Studenteridræt.

As a (potential) member of KU Studenteridræt you will find most all pertinent/relevant information on our webpage. Here are information about you classes, trips, courses, membership information, news, changes and more for the current season. The webpage is updated regularly with cancellations, news, events etc. After creating a profile and signed up for a class/trip/course you have access to information about your class-/course-/tripmates, a forum for debate/suggestions/trainingprograms and much more. You can communicate with your coach or other participants and you can change/cancel your class.

Main season

Begins on or around 1 September and usually lasts untill end April. This applies to the bulk of our classes, if a different training periodd applies it is indicated on the individual classes in the class list.

Summer season

The KU Studenteridræt summer season starts around 1 May and usually ends 31 August. Signup begins 2-3 weeks prior. Few classes has training all four months usually there is a break in July, on the list of the individual classes you will see which months training is held. There are trips and courses where dates are indicated on the individual trips/courses. 

Student status

KU Studenteridræt mainly offers sports for students (also ph.d.'s), these are defined as persons, who study fulltime on a SU-entitled (government support) education.

All, signing up, must input their CPR (SSN) number - if you have not gotten yours yet please input your birthdate (DDMMYY) and a random four digit number which you replace when you receive your own from the government. For males please input an uneven and females an even number. As a student you  must also input your faculty and field of study. We will cross check with the faculties to verify your student status and do random samplings during the season. False information will result in exclusion from KSI. These measures are in place to discourage exploitation of the advantages of being a student.

Class and level

In KU Studenteridræt most all are participants in a specific class with a specified training schedule through the main parts of the season. Trips and courses of shorter duration are held throughout the season. Almost all classes are coed.

Within a great number of sports you must choose a level of proficiency these are typically described on the pages containing the specific sport. Here is an overview for the broad description of the levels in KU Studenteridræt.

Levels of proficiency

Beginner: You are a newbie at the sport or have limited experience with the sport and wish to learn or get a brush up on the basics of the sport.

Intermediate: You are proficient in the basics of the sport which are built upon further. You can typically train at this level for more than one season and develop your skills further.

Experienced: You have been training for a couple of years (3-5). Your coordination skills and knowledge about rules and techniques as well as your physique gives you the possibility to train at this level.

Skilled: Multiple years of training is the basis for participating at this level. You are procicient in most aspects of the techniques used and are completely knowledgeable about the rules of the game. You are ready for learning the sports finessess and advanced drills.

For all levels the coach has the right to get you to move to another level (if possible), if you have signed up for a level you are not proficient enough for. The coach can also force you to quit or change sport if no alternate level is available. These measures are set in place to ensure the level for optimum yield for the entire class.

No trial lessons

KU Studenteridræt does not offer trial lessons, instead you can sign off before the third training week from signing up. During the summer season you will not be able to sign off. You are able to change a class to another class/sport/trip/course with free places (exceptions apply). You cannot cancel or change from a trip/course. An administration fee of 50 kroner applies to most all changes to your status - whether online or at the office. If the class is cancelled or you change level because of your coach's request the administration fee is free.

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