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About KU Studenteridræt

The aim of the organization is to provide sports-based activities at affordable prices for students. With the charter classes and activities will be directed towards students, employees and alumni of University of Copenhagen.

However, in order to sign up for the Main Season 2021/2022 you need to be registered as a student or employee at University of Copenhagen or memeber of the Alumni Association of Copenhagen University. You can also sign up if you have been an ordinary member without affiliation to University of Copenhagen participating on a KSI-class or -team during Main Season 2020/2021 or Summer Season 2021.

The sports association KU Studenteridræt - University of Copenhagen Student Sports

KU Studenteridræt is organized in the Danish tradition of a 'forening' - there is no term that directly translates this as it applies to a specific way of organizing. It could be described as a mix between a club and an association. Here we gather to do the sport that has your interests at heart. We are a democratic non-profit association where we train, make friends, and build training partnerships. The sports goal is to create immersion, develop skill sets and obtain a better cardio- vascular endurance and as an added bonus better health and thereby a possible betterment of your academic achievements due to hightend attentiveness, concentration and stamina.


The seasons are divided into two main seasons. The actual main season from September to April and a shorter summerseason that lasts from May to end August. Other examples are KU Studenteridræt clubs, tournament basketball, handball and club swimming - they have a different structure. 


You can do a lot of different sports in KU Studenteridræt. Only your imagination, the facilities available and the member interest create the boundaries for the sports that are being offered in KU Studenteridræt. At present we have over 80 different sports divided between indoor and outdoor activities. We feel confident that you should be able to find sports that suit your needs and level.

Who decides?

As you may discern from the pages on our site there are a lot of different self management interest groups in KU Studenteridræt, all with the main board as the upper management.

The crucial part is that the members are the ones in charge. When you have paid your membership fee and have joined a class you have a say. Partly through a right to vote at the general assembly, partly through influence through your club/department (the different classes are organized in a structure where all departements/clubs have a central representative positioned in the main board).

Click on these links to read more about: KU Studenteridræt Main board (HB), leisure sports departement (UMI), club boards (badminton, handball and  svømme/vandpolo), and the different department boards (basketball, volleyball, kayaking, climbing, skiing, adventure racing, gymnastics). These each carry an area of competency but refer to and are bound by the decisions taken each year at the general assembly in November.

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